In 1995,  the Indianapolis Firefighters Emerald Society Pipes and Drums was formed. The primary reason for the formation of the band was honoring our fallen heroes. That remains the primary reason for the band’s existence today.

Over the years, the band has grown, and more appearances were added to the calendar. Since 2000, the band has been the host band for the Fire Department Instructor’s Conference. This conference, the largest gathering of firefighters in the United States, has become one of our largest conferences in the city. Since our first appearance, we have played at this gathering every year. Around 2001, we started allowing pipers and drummers from around the country to play with us during the conference. This has grown into an annual weeklong gathering of public safety pipers and drummers.  Last year, we played 23 performances over the course of the 4 days of the main show, and assisted by all of our friends from around the country, and also from outside the border, the band was nearly 100 members strong.

Late in 2013, members of the band were playing for two fallen heroes in the city and had the opportunity to talk with members of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard and Indianapolis Metro Police pipers and drummers. After several meetings, the band was reformed under a new name, new direction, and some new music. No longer just a fire department band, the band’s name was changed to Indianapolis Public Safety Pipes and Drums. The band membership was opened to all branches of public safety in the Indianapolis area.

Also, in 2013, the band got another boost in membership when Carmel Fire Department joined the band. Carmel’s pipe band, increased the band’s membership by 8 personnel.

The band now boasts a 35 member roster. This helps greatly as the schedules of public safety personnel varies by agency and there are always members who are on duty.

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