About Us

Brotherhood Above All

The Indianapolis Public Safety Pipes and Drums exists to continue the tradition of honoring our fallen public safety personnel. Made up of people from a multitude of safety backgrounds, the band performs, teaches and travels to foster brotherhood during the best and worst times in public safety.

Heroes of Public Safety Monument

Our Story

The band travels all across the midwest region performing with other bands as part of the massed funeral band at Line of Death funerals. Additionally, we perform in the annual St. Patrick's Day parade and as the host band for the Fire Department Instructor's Conference in Indianapolis.

Meet the Band

The Officer Corps

Pipe Major

Courtney Rice

Courtney has been a member of the band since 2000. He has served as the Pipe Major for nearly 20 years.

Pipe Sergeant

Billy MacLeod

Billy serves as Pipe Sergeant in the organization and has also served as Vice President of the organization.

Pipe Sergeant

Luke Cody

Luke also serves as a pipe sergeant in the band, and helps lead advanced practices, as well as assisting in teaching new members

Drum Major

Mark Wills

Mark recently took over the position of Drum Major. Mark is a long time piper with the band but loves the Drum Major position, and will continue to play.

Drum Sergeant

Ryan Miller

Ryan comes from Brownsburg and has taken up the Drum Sergeant/Lead Drummer mantle.

Drum Sergeant

Ian Reppert

Ian is currently serving the band as the Pipe Sergeant for the Bass Line of the Drum Corps, made up of tenor and bass drums.

The Bagpipe Corps

Neil Reeves

Neil is one of senior pipers and also serves as the Vice President.

Dan Davis

Dan is a charter member of the band, joining during the formation phase in 1993

Matt Fullington

Matt joins us from the public sector, played pipes through high school and now is a senior member of the band serving as a pipe corporal

Denise James

Denise recently joined the band, coming with a lot of playing experience. Denise reached bagpipes at Anderson High School

Troy Clements





Troy comes to us from Pike Township Fire Department, and holds the band record for fastest person to learn to play bagpipes.

Chad Dykman

Chad recently joined the band and has a passion for playing bagpipes.

Spencer Brown

Spencer is one of our driven new members, learning to play bagpipes and taking on the role of Band Quartermaster.

Davy MacDonald

Davy is the newest member of the band, coming from the Columbus area. Davy brings a good deal of playing experience with him

Steven Bond

Steve is a retired police officer, who has played with other bands in the area before coming to our band.

The Drum Corps

Pete Arcamo

Pete is one of our senior snare drummers, having played with the band for nearly 20 years

Charlie Brown

Charlie is our newest side drummer. He played snare in marching bands earlier in his career.

Adam Friday

Adam is a Gary Indiana firefighter who plays part time with our band. Adam is a talented drummer and we are glad to have him in the corps.

Keith Dion

Keith is another drummer from the "Region", bringing talent and experience to our drum corps

Abby Hart

Abby is one of our Tenor drummers. She and her husband Isaiah are members of the bass drum line


Isaiah Hart

Isaiah is our lead bass drummer, bringing flair an personality to the big sound of the bass.

Mike Tyler

Mike is another long time member of the band, returning after a hiatus to be another bass drummer for the band.

Clayton Thomas

Clayton was lost this year. He was a charter member of the band, led the band as a Drum Manager, served as a bass drummer, band manger and helped forge the band into its current form. Clayton will remain Drum Major Emeritus.